Daily Update: Monday 26th October 2020
26th October 2020   •   snippet
  • First turbaned Sikh lawmaker elected in British Columbia
    Aman Singh from the NDP became the first ever turbaned Sikh to be elected to the British Columbia government this weekend. The BC NDP had its best result in decades in the province as John Horgan became its first two-term NDP premier.

  • How the Coronavirus is devastating communities in Bradford
    The residents in south Bradford survived the first wave of the Covid pandemic relatively unscathed, but the second wave has been devastating. It's hit hard here because people didn't take it seriously - or they did for the first lockdown but that all changed with the Eat Out scheme," Mohammed Mukhtar Khan told BBC News.

  • Helping Panjabis in California make sense of elections
    Jakara Movement, a non-profit advocacy organization in California, has been preparing information in Panjabi language for voters on the different propositions on the ballot in the November election.

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