Daily Update: Tuesday 13th October 2020
13th October 2020   •   snippet
  • Leicester is coming under increasing scrutiny during lockdown. Company director Rostum Nagra was accused of effectively stealing a firm belonging to a business associate, transferring all the assets to his own company Rocco Fashion Ltd.

  • On Sunday, thousands of British Sikhs in Birmingham and West London took part in rallies to support farmer protests in Panjab.

  • A dad from Newport, Wales, invented an interactive prayer mat that's being snapped up by Muslims from all over the world

  • We missed this odd story in Sunday Times. Sanjay Shah live da lavish lifestyle and hosted concerts with pop stars. But now the British tycoon is virtually a prisoner in his Dubai mansion and has had to sell his yacht after being accused of a £1.5 billion tax fraud. Poor guy, what an absolute tragedy.
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