Daily Update: Wednesday 23rd September 2020
23rd September 2020   •   snippet
  • A number of Muslim organisations in the London borough of Harrow have written to the Conservative party over the 'Islamophobic' conduct of one its councillors, Kamaljit Chana.

  • The British Museum is celebrating the Indian feminine tradition of Tantra, touching on life, sex and death in an exhibition. The Financial Times reviews it:

    "Dating back as far as at least the sixth century, its wide-ranging practices vary from meditation and yoga postures to conscientious heterodoxies to break open the more hardened Hindu mind, including the ritual use of intoxicants, meat- and fish-offerings, as well as, of course, sexuality — the aspect for which the tradition is most famed in the west, though only about 5 per cent of tantric texts expound on the subject."

  • London MP Apsana Begum explains why the UK Government are wrong to prevents acts of torture and other serious crimes by the UK army from being prosecuted, if they took place more than five years ago.

  • Scotland's Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has u-turned on his position on a new offence of "stirring up hatred". He has now accepted that police would need to provide 'proof of intent of harm' before charging people. More on that here.

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