Daily Update: Monday 14th September 2020
14th September 2020   •   snippet
  • In 1997 Geeta Sidhu-Robb, then campaigning to be an MP against Jack Straw, urged Muslims not to vote for him because he is Jewish. She did so happily on TV. Last week, after the Lib Dems picked her as their London Mayoral candidate, the footage started circulating again. Last night they suspended her as a prospective candidate.

  • UK MP Rehman Chisti, the PM’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion and Belief, has resigned over the government's Brexit bill. "As an MP for 10yrs & former Barrister, values of respecting rule of law & honouring one’s word are dear to me," - he said in his letter.
    Former chancellor Sajid Javid has followed him too.

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