Daily Update: Tuesday 18th August 2020
18th August 2020   •   snippet
» Kamala Harris's new press secretary is 32 year-old Sabrina Singh.

» West Yorkshire Police suspended an officer after he held down an Asian men, who had just punched someone, with the words, "Chill out or I will put you to sleep." Junaid has more.

» Dr Habib Naqvi MBE has been appointed as director of the newly launched UK's NHS Race and Health Observatory.

» Journalist Salma Haidrani speaks to Mohsin Zaidi about his new book 'A Dutiful Boy' on reconciling his faith and sexuality and what challenges queer Muslims still face today.

» BBC Radio Wiltshire presenter Shivani Dave came out as non-binary live on air during their first radio show as part of a Pride special.

» You've got 6 days left to listen to Meera Syal playing Liverpool housewife Shirley Valentine, on BBC Radio 4.

» VIDEO OF THE DAY: Is he white British? Is he a Punjabi? No, he is both! Jassa Alhuwalia tells his story of a man embracing two identities instead of trying to go halves on both.
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