Daily Update: Monday 17th August 2020
17th August 2020   •   snippet
» The UK-based charity Penny Appeal has been rocked by allegations of child abuse and illegality at its partner organisation Penny Appeal-Gambia.

» In Slough, UK, a Sikh secondary school (Khalsa Secondary Academy) will be 'in principle' transferred to the Sikh Academies Trust (SAT) after the government said it had no faith in the previous trust. Background

» Manchester MP Afzal Khan slammed those who had congregated on Wimslow Road (Manchester) to commemorate Pakistani independence day.

» In Blackburn, police officers had to break up a (desi, we are told) wedding reception with over 100 guests. The town is supposed to be under soft lockdown.

» AND FINALLY.... Gurdeep Pandher's videos of bhangra dancing at iconic locations in British Columbia, Canada, have gone viral. He wants to use bhangra dancing to fight racism.

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