17th February 2019   •   opinion
Shamima Begum cannot escape ownership for her crimes in supporting ISIS

Image: The Times
Shamima Begum was underage so unable legally to consent to things and also clearly groomed. She also experienced trauma, having lost two children.

But she and others knew what ISIS were, and had fully researched what they were joining. There's an underlying lack of morality behind someone deciding to join a society that idealises violence against other groups.

So we should be wary of removing her agency and ownership of crimes.

She is as much a radical as young male jihadis. Worse, she is still clearly radicalised by ISIS principles in her total lack of remorse for what she did.

She only wants to come to the UK to protect her child. Otherwise she still sees non-Muslims as the enemy.

That is not a person who wishes to be rehabilitated or sees the error of their ways. Its someone who has seen the wind blowing against her and is trying to get out of it.

Let her come back to Britain, then prosecute her and jail her. Her child is not safe being raised by a radicalised mother.
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Left-wing Muslim writer. Researcher on social cohesion and integration.
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