14th September 2017   •   article
A Sikh responds brilliantly to claim 'Sikhs fought Islam for centuries' - with facts and history

by Barfi Culture Team | @barfi_culture.
Image: Sikh Press Association. All rights reserved.
It has become a common claim on the far-right that they should become allies with Sikhs against Muslims.

Many neo-Nazis have long claimed that Sikhs have been fighting Islam for centuries so they are natural allies.

These claims resurfaced again this week after Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh refused to indulge a bigoted woman complaining about sharia law in Canada.

He said we must all "unite against hate", a message not everyone wanted to heed.

One Canadian Singh took to Twitter to explain why, historically, Sikhs have never been at war against Muslims or Islam, but against despots.

"Don't let our identity be used as a tool to fuel islamophobia. Follow Jagmeet's example & shut it down with #LoveAndCourage" - he wrote.

Here is the full thread

Brilliantly put!
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