Trump missed out Hindus from his Diwali tweet, so naturally they mercilessly ridiculed him
By Barfi Culture Team
14th November 2018

President Donald Trump sent out a celebratory Diwali tweet last night. Apart from sending it a week late, it only had one glaring problem: he missed out Hindus entirely.

But at least the tweet congratulated Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists (the latter two don't celebrate Diwali)! This year was also the first time in 15 years the White House had not hosted a formal Diwali event.

Here is Trump's tweet, preserved for posterity.

15 minutes later, when the mistake was presumably pointed out to him, Trump sent out another tweet:

It turns out the White House had hastily assembled its South Asian personnel for a small diya lighting ceremony, a week after the festival, to mark the event.

Desis could not help themselves

"Trump deleted the original Diwali tribute tweet because it left out Hindus only to post a corrected tweet and still leave out Hindus. Diwali is literally the most popular festival in Hinduism," tweeted reporter Siraj Hashmi.

Actor Ashwin Mushran quipped: "Hindus for Trump must be thrilled with the special mention."

"Happy Hindu festival of lights everyone except Hindus!" - joked journalist Rahul Kalvapalle.

Writer Shuja Haider quipped: "Merry Christmas to all the Muslims and Jews!"

Twitter user Adarsh had some advice for POTUS: "Bro, you missed out Muslims and Christians. It's the biggest festival for them."

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