British imams to highlight Muslim contribution to WW1 in special services
By Barfi Culture Team
1st November 2018

British imams will offer special Remembrance-themed services on Friday, to highlight and remember the contribution of different faiths and ethnicities to the First World War.

Its part of a new initiative to connect people from different faiths and ethnic backgrounds to remember Britain's shared WW1 history.

In Bradford, London and Derby schools, pupils and families from different backgrounds will come together to learn about soldiers from all backgrounds who fought fought side-by-side.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, whose own ancestors fought in the Second World War, says: "Soldiers of different creeds and colours fought side-by-side for Britain a century ago."

"It’s important that we remember this long history we all share – it helps explain why multi-ethnic, multi-faith Britain looks like it does today and why we can all feel a sense of belonging in our society."

To further illustrate the point, many have also launched the 'Khadi Poppy' to remember the dead.

Imam Qari Asim, Chair of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board, adds: "Most people, Muslims included, don’t know that thousands of Muslim soldiers, from present-day Pakistan, fought for Britain in the First World War."

"It’s important that they do – this shared history of contribution is something that we can all commemorate in Britain, whatever our ethnicity or faith."

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