Skipping Sikh's top tips on how elders can stay active and fit inside their homes
by Minreet Kaur
28th April 2020
Credit: Minreet Kaur
Rajinder Singh, aka the #SkippingSikh, went viral a fortnight ago when I shared shared his video on Twitter.

My dad has been skipping from a young age since he was a kid. He's ran several marathons, and he has won lots of medals in his time.

He says the reason at his age he can skip as well as other exercise is because he has always done it daily, even if he’s at home. He will make sure he does something whether that’s on the spot walking, stretching, star jumps, push ups, sit ups, jogging on the spot, walking up and down the stairs or even the living room.

Here are his top tips to falling in love with exercise:

- Get up first thing and incorporate exercise in like you would brushing your teeth

- Do something so It could be yoga, aerobics or simply make your own up and use things at home (tins, bottles, rice bags) as weights.

- Keep yourself moving so walk on the spot or around the house

- Push yourself to exercise because when you do you feel wonderful afterwards

- 30 minutes a day is all you need

- Eat healthy, have a clear mind, stay focused

Most importantly, let’s motivate each other as a community and not let our health fail, because we need to help ourselves through this and not add more pressure to the NHS.

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