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Heart's Ease: a short film with an unlikely romance shows actor Jassa Ahluwalia's debut as director
  Media   •   3rd June 2019
WATCH: Gurinder Chadha's next film about an Asian lad who discovers Bruce Springsteen in the 80s
  Entertainment   •   19th May 2019
WATCH: Comedian Hasan Minaj calls out Jared Kushner for friendship with Saudi prince
  Comedy   •   25th April 2019
One British Pakistani woman's mission to inspire others through her art
  People   •   2nd March 2019
WATCH: comedian Guz Khan joins Idris Elba for new Netflix comedy series
  Entertainment   •   1st March 2019
Dev Patel rescues a woman being forced into a marriage, in The Wedding Guest
  Entertainment   •   18th February 2019
Himesh Patel is about to become a very big deal, with Yesterday
  Entertainment   •   13th February 2019
Hasan Minaj: Saudi Arabia are angry at me because a Muslim is 'airing their dirty laundry'
  World   •   11th February 2019
Eaten by Lions: award-winning film with Antonia Akeel and Asim Chaudhary is out in March
  Entertainment   •   7th February 2019
Priyanka Chopra explains why she took the Jonas name, and who took THAT picture at home
  Entertainment   •   7th February 2019
WATCH: He took her to an Indian restaurant to impress her. It didn't go as expected
  Media   •   4th February 2019
Watch: Toyota gave this blind dad a chance to drive one of its fastest cars
  People   •   4th February 2019
Watch: Netflix has a new science show, presented by an Indian-American student
  Media   •   29th January 2019
Watch: The trailer for Dev Patel's next movie 'Hotel Mumbai' is out
  Entertainment   •   11th December 2018
Our friend Meera died by suicide after being stalked by her ex. The law needs to change
  Crime   •   10th December 2018
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