Canadian Liberal party ousts MP Ramesh Sangha after firestorm
26th January 2021   •   snippet

The Liberal Party has withdrawn the whip from MP Ramesh Sangha (on the left), effectively throwing him out of the party, for making "baseless accusations" against fellow MPs.

Last week Canada's Baaz website reported that in an interview with Panjabi media he had, "parroted debunked Indian media accusations about former Minister Navdeep Bains’ departure from politics, including unsubstantiated links to 'extremism'."

A firestorm followed. A statement from the party last night said: "As we have made clear time and time again, we will not tolerate conspiracy theories, or dangerous and unfounded rhetoric about Parliamentarians or other Canadians."

The MP from Brampton will now have to sit as an Independent and is much more likely to lose his seat at the next election.
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