Local Muslim groups write to Conservative party over manager found guilty of anti-Muslim remarks
23rd September 2020   •   snippet
A number of Muslim organisations in the London borough of Harrow have written to the Conservative party over the conduct of one its councillors.

Cllr Kamaljit Chana was reported to have discriminated against and harassed a woman for months.

The letter reads:

"As leaders of Muslim community organisations in Harrow numbering over 30,000 residents, we write to condemn in the strongest terms the recently published Islamophobic statements of Cllr Kamaljit Chana.

"Xenophobic statements such as “Muslims are violent” and “I do not like Muslims” have no place at any level in our society. That they are the utterances of an elected official, responsible for representing Muslims and governing their affairs, is risible."

" As was established by a Bristol employment tribunal Cllr Chana has demonstrated racist and Islamophobic tendencies, as well as behaviour which constitutes bullying, intimidation and harassment. Such an individual has no place within politics."

The Conservative Party has yet to respond.
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