Jailed Sikh man Jagtar Johal's brother hands letter to UK PM calling for internvention after protest outside Downing St.
19th August 2020   •   snippet
The brother of a British Sikh man who has been jailed in India for over 1000 days without a trial or charges today handed a letter to the UK Prime Minister urging him to take action.

British Sikh activists held a protest outside 10 Downing Street, London, today to highlight the case.

They also handed a letter to the PM's office (below), which explains the case and expressed "disappointment" that the government was not taking the case seriously enough.


Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing as the brother of detained British national Jagtar Singh Johal, who has now been detained in India for 1,020 days. My brother has been subjected to third degree torture and mistreatment. His handwritten note was given to the UK Government along with the names of the perpetrators, however, no actions have been taken, nor has the UK Government been able to secure an independent medical examination, despite Rory Stewart promising “extreme action” in Parliament if Jagtar had been subjected to torture.

Jagtar has been subjected to trial by media, with the publishing of an interrogation video in the Indian media and the UK Government has failed to ensure Jagtar’s right to a fair trial. To date, Jagtar has been subjected to 133 Pre-Trial Preliminary Hearings and 47 Trial Hearings, despite this no evidence has been produced and Jagtar has not been formally charged in 8 out of the 9 cases.

Jagtar has been restricted from visits by his maternal aunt and his in laws whilst incarcerated in maximum security Tihar Jail in Delhi. By doing so, Jagtar has been subjected to further mental torture since his abduction.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have further frustrated the family with the continued change of caseworkers and by not listening to the family with our serious concerns. Despite raising three complaints the office has not improved its communications.

Jagtar’s wife arrived in the UK in April 2019 to meet the former Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, following the meeting her circumstances changed and she submitted an application to remain in the UK on the basis of family life. However, the Home Secretary has further frustrated the family with a refusal and we are currently pursuing the matter with the Immigration Tribunal, a further disappointment with the UK Government.

I am writing this letter asking for your intervention in my brother’s unjust and arbitrary detention by a so called friend of the UK. I am requesting an urgent meeting with you to discuss the failings of the UK Government for the past 1,020 days as I feel without your intervention there will be no end in sight.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Gurpreet Singh Johal

Barfi Culture has covered this case numerous times over the last three years.
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