After so much experience wearing 'brown-face' Justin Trudeau has become a minority himself
By Sunny Hundal
22nd October 2019

Canada's close election last night offered a bitter-sweet victory to everyone.

The Conservatives won the popular vote but did not translate that into a majority of seats in Parliament. The Liberals managed to remain as the largest party but lost their majority in Parliament.

Jagmeet Singh's NDP failed to get near 20% of the vote share as surveys had predicted, but are now likely to join government to prop up Trudeau as PM. The Greens went from one seat to three but just managed to get around 7% of the vote. The biggest loser: the anti-immigration People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier.

Singh's gamble paid off. His plan had been to win enough seats to be the 'kingmaker' if Trudeau did not get a majority.

But a wipeout in Quebec meant the NDP entered the election with 42 seats and left with 25. That will sting party officials. But in Singh's defense the Liberals were also burnt badly in Quebec province.

So, Singh's gamble came at a cost. In a slightly weakened but prime position, he now has to fight hard for his priorities and ensure he is not just seen to prop up an unpopular government.

He should pay attention to what happened in Britain.

The Liberal Democrats joined the Conservatives in coalition in 2010. But rather than seeing a boost from being junior partners in government, they were almost wiped out in 2015 and blamed for the worst of the Coalition's policies.

Singh will have to work hard to avoid a similar fate. A much bigger challenge now lies ahead of him. But for now, he can celebrate after running a positive and widely admired campaign.

AUTHOR: Sunny Hundal is editor-in-chief of Barfi Culture
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