Police called to West London Gurdwara after altercation breaks out over preacher
By Barfi Culture Team
9th December 2018

London's Metropolitan Police were called to Hounslow Singh Sabha Gurdwara in West London last night after an altercation broke out between different groups of Sikhs.

Police told Barfi Culture no arrests were made.

Police officers had to create a cordon inside the Gurdwara to separate individuals who were pushing and shoving each other. A number of police cars were parked outside.

At the centre of the controversy is Harinder Singh, a prominent preacher part of the Nirvair Khalsa Jatha (NKJ). The NKJ are opposed by other Sikh groups, who earlier threatened protests at Gurdwaras where he was invited to speak.

Barfi Culture is not publishing the allegations against him for legal reasons. Many of his critics say they are not opposed to him over his views but private claims made against him.

NKJ had earlier said they cancelled all their upcoming programmes. One was held last night anyway.

But minutes into the programme last night, several audience members started getting angry and the situation soon escalated.

Some of those who disrupted the event said they had tried to reason with the Gurdwara committee to stop the event from going ahead, but were rebuffed.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police told Barfi Culture: "Police were called on the evening of Saturday, 8 December following reports of a disturbance at the Gurdwara Singh temple in Alice Way, Hounslow. A number of people are believed to have gained access to the temple to protest. Police attended and worked with temple staff to calm the situation."

"Colleagues from the Territorial Support Group attended to support. There were no arrests. Police will maintain a presence in the area over the coming weeks to reassure temple visitors."

Several videos from the incident were posted to Facebook.

On the Reddit / Sikh forum, moderator TheTurbanatore wrote: "This Desi mentality of settling issues with violence is ruining the worldwide image of Sikhi. Why can't these people take the example of the Guru and react to non violent situations with non violence, and sit down to have a dialogue? Honestly, at this point, I dont think these people want to have a dialogue or fix the root issue, but rather fuel their victimhood mentality and create drama."

"Actions such as these dont actually solve issues, but only help to perpetuate them more in the future. There is no winner in this situation, if anything, it only helps the Indian Government's claims against 'Sikh Extremists'. Events such as these will leave a lasting negative long term impression on the people of the UK, and will only act to end of the goodwill the Sikhs have received in the UK."

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