Canadian Tories won't challenge Quebec's ban on religious symbols
21st October 2018   •   snippet
We reported recently that Quebec's new government was planning to ban religious symbols worn by public officials - including turbans and hijabs.

The proposal had drawn strong condemnation from Sikhs and Muslims across the country, including a massive anti-racism march in Montreal.

Now, the Conservatives say they won't oppose such a ban. The Liberals and NDP take a very different view, of course.

"In an interview, Conservative MP Gérard Deltell said his party accepts the incoming Coalition Avenir Québec government’s right to introduce legislation on the matter, would not oppose the possible use of the notwithstanding clause to make it Charter compliant and would not join a legal challenge of the legislation."

You can expect Liberals and NDP to hammer the Tories over this in other parts of the country.
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