Its not just Latinos, Sikh and Hindu refugees are being locked up by Trump too
By Barfi Culture Team
19th June 2018

Under the Trump's zero-tolerance policy towards migrants, everyone entering the U.S. without a visa is being locked up.

Including those seeking asylum from political persecution.

And its not just Latinos being locked up in cages and separated from their parents at the southern border. The net has been cast wide to include South Asians too.

Over the last month, over a hundred immigrants seeking asylum have been locked up in Oregon’s Sheridan federal prison. According to the Oregonian, which has now published the details of these detainees, the majority of them speak Hindi or Punjabi. A few identified as Chinese.

The newspaper reports that 52 listed India as their home country, and several identified themselves as Sikhs or Christians fleeing religious persecution.

They had not been allowed to see or speak to any translators either. When a delegation of Democrats from Oregon went to see the detainees this weekend, their translators were the first to have talked to these detainees.

In other words, these asylum seekers had been locked up without access to any translators or a chance to go through the asylum process.

Under international law, people are only allowed to claim asylum once they have entered the country they want to apply to. They cannot claim asylum from abroad.

The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) yesterday sent out a bulletin claiming: "These detainees are isolated, have limited access to interpretation, and are at-risk of abuse in their current prison housing arrangement."

The group is now raising money to provide legal representation to the detainees, as well hold vigils on their behalf. They are calling for an end to the detention immediately.

Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner-Elect for Multnomah County, said: "This policy of family separation needs to end now; and in the meantime, all detainees deserve legal representation and fair treatment, starting with transparency about their children’s whereabouts and humane detention conditions."

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