This charity is encouraging UK Muslims to pay Zakat to local groups instead - with good reason
By Barfi Culture Team
6th May 2018

The British charity National Zakat Foundation (NZF) is running an ad campaign encouraging Muslims to donate their Zakat to local charities, ahead of Ramadan.

Zakat is the charity payment Muslims are obliged to make every year as part of their faith and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

NZF say its aim is to "revive and uphold the third pillar" and its mission is to distribute Zakat "transformatively" within the UK.

Its ad campaign has had praise from British Muslims on social media.

Julie Siddiqui wrote: "Really good to see this (picture above) in Whitechapel today! Honestly can’t believe how much British Muslims have been led to believe Zakat should be spent abroad, millions of pounds of it 😳 All teachings are clear, local first. Look into it this Ramadan."

Saiam spotted another ad in Uxbridge, west London.

Iqbal Nasim, chief executive of National Zakat Foundation, said earlier this year that "the foundations of the Muslim community in the UK are currently weak" and British Muslims needed to strengthen them by focusing more on charity work in Britain.

"If the purpose of Zakat is for Islam to flourish, then where else can we be expected to make spending decisions to achieve this aim except in the very society in which we live and where we have the social and cultural capital that even the Prophets required to convey effectively their message to their people?" he said.

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