Indian students denied entry to Modi's London event after they asked him to protect women
By Barfi Culture Team
20th April 2018

Last week the National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU UK) was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Narendra Modi to London. They had even tweeted they were looking forward to questioning and speaking to him.

But their entry passes to Modi's event in Westminster never came.

Just days before his arrival NISAU had published a letter calling on the Indian PM to take urgent action to protect women following recent controversies. It had been signed by over 20 Indian student societies from across the UK. Clearly it irked the PM.

The incident illustrates the extent to which the ruling party of India will go stifle dissent, even among supporters.

The letter had gone out of its way to praise Modi, saying he had "not shied away from taking difficult decisions in the past" and that they were "preparing and eagerly looking forward" to his visit. It had been covered all over the Indian media.

But rather than debate the issue the students were simply denied the opportunity to meet him or ask questions.

NISAU (UK) and other signatories also faced a strong barrage of criticism from Modi supporters for the letter.

In a follow-up release the union said it had faced a "concerted effort" to question the organisation's legitimacy and to pressure signatories to drop their support.

It also accused others of lying that signatures had been collected without consent.

Its President Mohanish Borana confirmed being denied via Twitter:

When the Indian Foreign Minister was asked about the denial by an NDTV journalist, he said: "This is a press conference about India-British relations and the Prime Minister's visit to Great Britain. These are not the questions I can answer."

The government of India has not responded to any further questions on the matter.

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