Watch: MP makes fiery speech after Conservatives dismissed Indian clothes as "costumes"
By Barfi Culture Team
24th March 2018

Canadian MP Ruby Sahota sharply criticised opposition Conservative MPs for repeatedly dismissing Indian clothes as "costumes" in a heated session in Parliament Thursday night.

MPs were debating Justin Trudea's recent trip to India. Conservative MPs in particular are still asking how convicted man Jaspal Atwal was invited to the trip.

But as several Conservatives made references to the trip, they repeatedly dismissed Trudeau's wearing of Indian clothes as "costumes" - which inflamed the MP for Brampton North.

Ruby Sahota looked visibly angry as she recounted her own experience as a younger Canadian, worried about getting bullied over Indian clothes.

She said:
"I'd like to share a little story about a girl growing up here in Canada, which was me. A child of immigrants parents. It was a struggle within me every day, Mr Speaker, to be proud of my culture, proud of my heritage."

"But you couldn't help just wanting to fit in and think - 'Why can't my parents just wear western clothing to my teacher-parent interview. Maybe I'll fit in a bit better. Maybe the kids won't make fun of the clothing that we traditionally wear'."

"And this reference, continually made, by the opposition to our clothing being referred to as costumes is outrageous."

"I wonder if my colleague is offended that I'm wearing his costume right now. Would you call a business suit a costume? Should I ask people from around the world about what they think about me wearing a white man’s costume? Are you offended?"

"Because I’m incredibly offended that, again and again, I hear reference to our clothing as costumes. It is not a costume. It is clothing that we wear every day. Day in and out. Indians wear that clothing. And it is nothing compared to the uniform of a police officer."

"The Prime Minister respected our culture, respected our traditions, and took part and engaged in our clothing that we value so dearly. I am so happy that my child, my son can see a prime minister today that respects his culture, his tradition and where he comes from."

Some MPs stood up in applause after Ruby Sahota ended her fiery speech and sat down.


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