9th October 2020   •   article
London councillor Kamaljit Chana suspended by Tory party after discrimination ruling

by Barfi Culture Team | @barfi_culture.
A Conservative party councillor in west London, Kamaljit Chana, has been suspended by the party after an employment tribunal found he had made racist and anti-Muslim comments to an employee.

The Times reported in September: "Bristol employment tribunal found that in a one-to-one meeting with [Zeinab] Alipourbabaie in February 2017, Chana, a Sikh, also said: 'Muslims are violent' and 'Pakistani men are grooming our girls'."

He had also excluded the woman, of Iranian Muslim background, from meetings and emails, criticised her unfairly to the company vice-president and advised against promoting her, the tribunal ruled. The tribunal found him guilty of harassment and discrimination.

In September, a group of Muslim organisations in Harrow wrote to the Conservative party urging them to take action.

Today the Harrow Conservative group released this statement:

"After reviewing the Employment Tribunal judgement, the Conservative Group on Harrow Council has voted to suspended Cllr. Kam Chana for the maximum period allowed under our rules, which is six months. This will allow the Conservative Party nationally to investigate further and if appropriate to take further action."

"The Conservative Party will investigate Cllr. Chana under the Code of Conduct for Conservative Party Representatives, this process is set out here - https://www.conservatives.com/code-of-conduct. After a review by an Investigating Officer, a panel appointed by the Party Chairman will examine the complaint and the evidence that has been gathered. This panel must include at least one independent person."
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