5th October 2020   •   opinion
Marrying under Covid restrictions: How our small wedding worked out well

Image: Lianne Foye - @foyetography_weddings
Rickesh and Zoë had planned to get married this year after coming back from India - where they had an Indian wedding. The pandemic scuppered their plans. But they managed to get married last weekend, they told me.

As the restrictions were lifted from the initial lockdown and government advice, we started to look at venues and options. We looked in to venues which were actually hosting weddings during COVID and we stumbled upon Combermere Abbey. We loved the place and we were extremely fortunate that they had availability at the end of September and we would be able to have a party of 20 attend (they weren’t able to accommodate the full 30).

We decided on 6 guests in total (my sister, Zoë’s brother +partner and 3 kids) mainly because we wanted to have a very small and intimate wedding where there would be no pressure for either of us and even less stress.

Having 6 guests really suited us also in terms of being able to plan the entire wedding in just under 4 weeks. We were fortunate to source catering from a nearby restaurant who themselves were affected by the COVID restrictions (dockett no.33) and they were happy to cater and deliver the food to our venue and create cocktails to make our evening special.

White wysteria accommodated our small floral request with short notice and they too were kind enough to deliver to the venue. Zoë decided to do her own makeup and hair as initially make-up-artists weren’t allowed to be apart of the wedding day (based on guidelines). However when this changed, it was too close to the day.

We weren’t bothered with having less guests as such as we both wanted a very small day prior to the COVID restrictions.

Overall we felt we had a very personal package (venue, food, photography) than what we would’ve done if we weren’t in the pandemic. To think we sourced and arranged everything in under a month really allowed us to have an amazing day, which we probably wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise. And certainly not at such an amazing venue!

We were lucky that with a small wedding we were able to have exactly what we wanted.

As told to Anish Parekh.
Picture credit: @foyetography_weddings
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Anish Parekh is a freelance journalist and writer.
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