Plan to rename Havelock Road, site of UK's largest Gurdwara, to Guru Nanak Road moved forward

10th June 2020   •   article

by Barfi Culture Team | Twitter: @barfi_culture.
Ealing Council today said it was pushing forward plans to rename Havelock Road in Southall, West London, to Guru Nanak Road, as protests around the country had put colonial history under the spotlight.

Havelock Road is currently the site for Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall Gurdwara, the largest in Britain.

Discussions to rename the road had already been underway but have now been accelerated.

The road is named after Major General Henry Havelock, a colonial-era officer who was involved in violent campaigns during the first Indian War of Independence in 1857. He also has a statue in Trafalgar Square.

Labour councillor Peter Mason, Cabinet Member for Housing, Planning & Transformation at Ealing Council, wrote on Twitter:

"Today Ealing Labour announced our intention to rename Havelock Road, Southall as Guru Nanak Road, in honour of the 550th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Discussions had already been underway, but #BlackLivesMatter makes the moment even more important to proceed."

"We don't want to keep memorialising this in Southall. The decision had unanimous support from Southall's 15 strong team of Councillors, and a further review of Britain's colonial legacy in Ealing is now underway."
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