Leaders of protests against LGBT classes in Birmingham criticised for welcoming Katie Hopkins
By Barfi Culture Team
5th June 2019

The campaign against Birmingham schools teaching LGBT acceptance was rocked by criticism last night after two leading figures joined forces with the controversial activist Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins tweeted: "So gracious of @shakeelafsar7, and his family to invite me into their home, during their Eid celebrations - to discuss the issues with LGBT teaching at #AndertonParkPrimarySchool"

She was standing alongside the smiling Shakeel Afsar and Amir Ahmed, who have been leading protests in Birmingham.

Shakeel Afsar then retweeted Katie Hopkins and said: "We as a community will Remain Tolerant of ANYONE even if we Totallt [sic] Disagree & we will Learn to CO EXSIST [sic]. Shame We cannot say the same about @BrumLeader @JaneRockHouse & @birmingham_live."

Protesters say they want the schools to stop teaching LGBT acceptance classes to children. They say they are not to be homophobic but there have been widespread accusations the protesters have shared homophobic literature claiming the classes will turn children gay or teach children about gay sex. Neither claims are true.

Protesters also say parents have not been consultated on the classes, but the programme was launched over four years ago after extensive parent consultation.

Katie Hopkins shares some of those views. She recently tweeted: "Anyone else sick of the sight of trans? You can’t move without trans being shoved in your face”, and recently described LGBT education as "indoctrination".

She has also routinely attacked Muslims and Islam, calling for a burqa ban and recently posted a photo of an ISIS-themed cake, claiming people were more violent while fasting.


Last week the ex-prosecutor Nazir Afzal said many of the protesters in Birmingham were lying to parents about what was being taught in schools.

Last night he lashed out again:

Others also did the same

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