Stressed about tracking wedding or holiday gifts? This desi mum created an app just for that
By Barfi Culture Team
26th December 2018

Ever since Sonal Gir got married and had children, she faced a common dilemma. How would she track gifts she had received, and from whom, so she could repay them in kind next time?

"I wrote down everything in a notebook. And could never find it when I needed to refer to it. So I started another notebook. Same thing. Then another," she told Barfi Culture in an interview.

The dilemma she faced is actually more common than many realise. People strive to make sure we don't give back less than we receive. But tracking everything, thanking everyone or even creating wish-lists for others is a huge hassle.

And so for Sonal Gir, who was born and bred in London, the lists kept piling up; her wedding, the birth of two children, other birthdays, community events.

"When I buy gifts I put a lot of thought into it and try to remember what the person I’m buying for likes and dislikes, I don’t want to give them the same gift again a couple of years later so I needed somewhere to log it," she says.

So she did what any entrepreneur in our modern world does: she created a simple app.

"I spoke to friends and most people had a notebook or spreadsheet to log gifts they gave but it had limitations... and that’s when I decided GiftLog was needed."

The idea is so blindingly simple and necessary that it's surprising no one had done it before.

But she had no idea about creating an app or did she know any coding. So she researched into how to create an app, found some UK based developers who might create it. "I wanted to easily meet them face to face and didn’t want to be flying abroad to do that," she says.

She narrowed it down to a small company in Brighton. And they've been working with her to develop it since. She says her husband was was there as her sounding board and support through the whole process.

So what does the app do?

GiftLog helps you keep track of gifts you give and received, including how much you’ve spent per gift. You can even take photos of the gifts and send thank you messages.

It lets users also create wish-lists for events and for people, and mark which gifts you’re keeping, exchanging or regifting. That way, she says, you don't accidentally give the same gift back to the person!

The app is free and, surprisingly, has no in-app purchases or ads. So how does she plan to make money from it?

Sonal says she hasn’t figured that out yet, but that is what she plans to focus on in 2019. In the meantime, she is just glad her app is saving people a lot of hassle.

"Other than being an entrepreneur, I’m a mum of two children in primary school so that keeps me busy! My children are a great motivator for me to want to build a successful business."

You can download GiftLog from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

NOTE: Barfi Culture did not receive payment or anything in-kind for this story. This is part of our series profiling interesting desi people doing interesting things.

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