Indian mother of British resident threatened by UK officials for coming 'too often'
By Barfi Culture Team
10th August 2018

Krishna Omkar is a permanent resident in the UK with 'indefinite leave to remain', and he is angry.

This week his mother was visiting from India and had been held at London Heathrow Airport simply for coming to visit her son "too often". She had never exceeded her allowance of 180 days per year, he said, yet she was still treated like a criminal.

She was also subjected to a series of racist remarks and humiliating questions, with threats to send her back without reason.

Krishna tweeted about how she was treated at the airport.

He said that despite her diabetes, she was held at Heathrow for over an hour and a half without food or water.

Immigration officials also made a series of statements that smacked of racism.


Krishna said his mother was eventually let in. But many others are likely to be subjected to similar humiliating treatment.

"My mother is a strong, articulate, independent woman with a PhD. She was able to deal with the hostility with calmness and grace, and most importantly, reason with the immigration officer. Imagine what happens to those who can't."

The Home Office refuses to comment on individual cases. But the London Labour MP Andy Slaughter said he would look into the incident and raise it with the Home Secretary if required.

Krishna Omkar is a lawyer in London. His experience resonated with others too.

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