Man rescues elderly Bangladeshi woman from station after she ran away from home
By Barfi Culture Team
10th July 2018

On Monday, James Gleave ended up rescuing an elderly Bangladeshi woman at Bletchley train station, in Linton Keynes, England.

He narrated the whole saga on Twitter because he had a nightmarish time trying to find a place for the elderly lady to stay.

In the end she had to stay at a Church.

But the moral of the story is important: if you see someone in distress, don't be afraid of asking if they are ok. You just might save their life.

He then added:

"I began to get desperate. Hostels: nothing. Hotel rooms: Wouldn’t take her even when i offered to pay. In a final role of the dice, i rang local churches (she is a Muslim, but was afraid that local mosques may shun her so begged me not to ring them)."

"We struck gold. The vicar at a church a few stops away agreed to take her in for the night, in his home with his wife and children. And he would take her to the local council the next morning. Its not much, but it is something."

In the end, someone from another religion stepped up when it mattered. Her religion mattered not, basic humanity did.

Its nice to know there are still lots of good people out there in the world.

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