Jailed British Sikh Jagtar Singh Johal reveals shocking details of torture in India
By Barfi Culture Team
10th June 2018

British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal has revealed shocking details of torture in a letter seen by The Times newspaper yesterday.

The 31-year-old man from Dunbarton in Scotland was abducted by Punjab police in November last year just after his wedding. He has been held in jail ever since.

Indian authorities have accused him of funding terrorist activities in a recently-produced charge sheet. However the charges against him have not been finalised and were only produced six months after his arrest. He has been denied a trial or an independent medical examination.

Jagtar Johal says he campaigns for justice for Sikhs but denies any accusations of funding terrorism.

Details of torture

In the letter he describes his treatment:

"The torture took place over 4 days, from the 4th until the 7th of November at Moga (jail). On the 4th of November I was arrested and taken to Moga where I was subjected to beatings, my top was removed and I was struck on my chest and back."

"2 people would simultaneously hit me whilst others restrained me and watched. Crocodile clips were placed on my ears and I was also electrocuted."

"On 5th of November I was presented in court and remanded to police custody for 5 days, then taken back to the interrogation centre. On the evening of 5th of November I was stripped and beaten, I was given electric shocks and legs were pulled apart numerous times. This continued until the 7th of November."

"The torture took place intermittently, numerous times each day. Electric shocks were administered by placing crocodile clips on my ear lobes, nipples and private parts. Multiple shocks were given each day."

Johal also alleges his family members were threatened with arrest and torture unless he confessed.

He also wrote: "At one point petrol was brought into the room and I was threatened with being burnt."


A legal adviser from REDRESS, the human rights organisation, said: "The Indian government needs to deal with these shocking allegations as a matter of urgency. Any evidence that has been obtained through torture cannot be used by the courts."

The Labour MP Preet Gill said in a tweet last night the claims were "shocking".

The chair of the Sikh Federation (UK), Bhai Amrik Singh, said: "We believe these public revelations demand the UK Government take the extreme action they promised MPs or it will show they are too weak to protect an innocent British national from torture and death threats."

The man that Johal is alleged to have paid for the contract killing, Harminder Singh Mintoo, died of cardiac arrest while in policy custody in April this year.

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