Two Punjabi teenagers killed in a targeted shooting in Surrey, Canada
By Barfi Culture Team
7th June 2018

Two teenagers from Surrey, Canada, were the victims of a targeted killing on Monday night according to the city's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team.

16-year-old Jaskarn (Jason) Singh Jhutty and 17-year-old Jaskaran (Jesse) Singh Bhangal were found dead in the Campbell Heights neighbourhood of Surrey around 10:30 p.m..

Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has one of the highest concentrations of Punjabi-Sikh families in Canada.

Cpl. Frank Jang said in a statement: "I hope the community takes note of that and how serious this is. ... These two were known to each other," he said. "But they weren't known to police," indicating they were not known gang members.

"I cannot believe how they're surviving now without their kid. It's very hard," neighbour Harvinder Sharma told CBC. Their children grew up playing with Bhangal since elementary school.

Student Raynal Prasad, who went to school with Jesse, told CBC: "From when I knew Jesse, he was a really good guy. He was always nice to everybody. Same with Jason. He'd always work really hard in school, and help everyone out when he was here. They were really good people."

A witness told police they saw two vehicles leaving the scene. Later that night two burnt-out vehicles were discovered by the police but its not yet known if they are connected.

The motive for the shootings has not yet been confirmed and no arrests have been made.

Reaction on social media has been muted but Manveer Singh made this point:

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