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Aziz Ansari responds to allegations of sexual misconduct by a woman he dated


Neo-Nazi who shouted 'white power' and tried to kill a Muslim man with his van walks free after trial

Kumail Nanjiani wants to bring back the iconic film 'My Beautiful Laundrette' as a series

Royal Mail to issue a stamp of 'revolutionary' princess Sophia Duleep Singh to honour Suffragettes

London rabbi helps raise £20,000 for family of Gujarati shopkeeper murdered by teenagers

Gautam Malkani's Londonstani is being turned into a movie and they're looking for Asian male actors

British Sikh MP defends Muslim girls "right to choose" hijabs in angry letter to government

American and British Sikhs are now joining the Gurdwara ban on Indian government officials

Rest in Power: Tributes pour in for writer and thinker A. Sivanandan after he passes away

Some Sikh Gurdwaras in Toronto have barred Indian officials on government business


BBC News presenter George Aligiah says his cancer has returned. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Desi Twitter was not impressed by Ansari revelations. On example, Kajal Mag's Nadya Agrawal: "Miscommunication is a handy excuse for serial abuse."

UK Labour MP Preet Gill was appointed to the shadow cabinet this week, as International Development Minister. That's a promotion.

Tamils around the world are celebrating Thai Pongal this week, 14 - 17th Jan. Happy Pongal!

Great piece on the women and men who brought curry to Birmingham. Important pioneers!

Why the world only has two words for chai / tea. Excellent graphic too. We of course prefer masala chai.


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