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The controversy over the Bradford Literature Festival will only harm Muslim women
26th Jun | Culture

Islam does not need protecting against hate, only Muslims do
22nd May | World

Babita Sharma: I come from a hidden world - I am the daughter of shopkeepers
11th May | Culture

Birmingham parents cannnot use the Equality Act to stop their children learning about LGBT people
4th May | Culture

Why a controversy around Brown Girl Magazine writers going to Dubai matters for all of us
4th Apr | Media

'I had no support from my community to deal with alcohol addiction'
2nd Apr | Culture

As a Muslim I'm angry and embarrassed over Birmingham school anti-LGBT protests
6th Mar | Politics

The BBC can only send 'white saviours' to Africa because it doesn't nurture black talent
2nd Mar | Media

By taking away Begum's passport, the UK government is making all minorities second-class citizens
20th Feb | Politics

Shamima Begum cannot escape ownership for her crimes in supporting ISIS
17th Feb | World

Why some Sikhs differ over the birth-date of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
13th Jan | World

Obituary: Harbinder Singh Rana, a pioneer on Anglo-Sikh relations, 1959 - 2018
6th Jan | People

Cooking is a basic life skill - both desi men AND women should learn it
22nd Dec | Culture

Ray Nadeem in Netflix's Daredevil: when desi portrayal is done right
21st Nov | Culture

Remembering the struggle and bravery of our forefathers of WW1 is not 'glorification'
18th Nov | World

I was raped at 19. Writing has helped me deal with what happened
10th Sep | People

How can we make sense of the current crisis in Sikh and Panjab politics?
2nd Sep | World

How my homophobic dad, who co-founded Birmingham Central Mosque, became an LGBT ally
25th Aug | People

The Conservatives need to stop blaming "diversity" as a problem for Canada
17th Aug | Politics

I ran away from home after my parents forced me into marriage when I was 19
15th Aug | Culture

Boris Johnson is trying to police Muslim women's bodies - just like everyone else
6th Aug | Politics

Bobby Friction: Why calling another desi a 'coconut' is racist and prejudiced
31st Jul | Culture

This campaign to turn Sikhi into an 'ethnicity' will divide and split British Sikhs
27th Jul | Politics

Why do some Indian-Americans support Trump? Here is what they told me
20th Jul | Politics

Stop blaming Brampton's violence on international students - we have to take responsibility too
26th Jun | Culture

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