Sathnam Sanghera to 'call out' UK colonial history in new Channel 4 series
10th May 2021   •   snippet
Writer and broadcaster Sathnam Sanghera is making a two-part TV series for Channel 4 that will focus on Britain's colonial history, it was announced today.

The two hour-long programmes will look at how the Empire has shaped modern Britain, and will be loosely based on his recent book Empireland. He will travel across Britain and speak to people and look at how Empire is remembered and how this has created Britain’s culture and its politics.

Sathnam Sanghera said in the C4 press release: "When I started thinking about this subject four years ago, the way imperialism has shaped modern Britain was an esoteric concern. But publication of my book Empireland this year has taught me that there's massive interest in the question of how colonialism influences us."

Shaminder Nahal, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 says, "What Empire means to us now is such a vital subject, and so hotly contested - but I don’t think anyone else is articulating how Empire has shaped pretty much everything about Britain now including - and most surprisingly - our state of mind, the way we think and feel about so much."
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