Daily Mail admits its big feature on Muslims and immigrants in Paris was full of rubbish
By Barfi Culture Team
6th February 2019

The Daily Mail newspaper today admitted that a big feature it had published on Muslims and immigrants in a Paris suburb contained serious inaccuracies.

The article was run six months ago, and it has taken that long for Muslim activists to get it to admit its mistakes in print.

Article inaccuracies were first highlighted by Marwan Mohammed just after it was published, in a Twitter thread.

To make an official complaint to the newspaper regulator IPSO, it was taken up by the Muslim Council of Britain's Miqdaad Versi.

The Daily Mail had deleted the article off its website but it had already been published in the paper. Moreover it had admitted no mistakes to its newspaper audience.

That is, until today. The 'clarification' claimed:

» ...that 300,000 ‘illegal migrants’ lived in the suburb of Saint-Denis.
But it had got the suburb's name wrong, and that figure was based on very vague and broad estimates.

» ...that 1,700 jihadists had returned to that area after fighting ISIS.
But it admitted that number was actually the total number of Muslims estimated to have left France for whatever reason.

» ...that the area was home to about 350 jihadis.
But it admitted that number was based on an anonymous source and there was no such official estimates.

» ...that the area houses over 160 mosques
But that figure referred to mosques and prayer rooms.

There was several other inaccuracies too.

The article, by Andrew Malone, first appeared as a double-page story in the Daily Mail's Saturday edition on 28th July 2018.

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