Watch: Netflix has a new science show, presented by an Indian-American student
By Barfi Culture Team
29th January 2019

In 2016 American rapper and singer Pharrell Williams co-produced the movie 'Hidden Figures' to push more diversity on the big screen. Now he's doing the same with TV.

Netflix has just debuted a new series called Brainchild - "to explore the universe and explain the amazing science behind topics such as superheroes, outer space, social media and dreams" - also produced by Williams.

And for the first time, it is being fronted by an Indian-American woman instead of a white man!

22-year-old Sahana Srinivasan is from Texas and studying for a degree in radio, television and film from the University of Texas.

"In TV shows and movies ... it's almost always like a guy," she told NPR.

"When we see that, it could be discouraging for young girls who are very interested in going into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields — or STEAM, which incorporates art into engineering and science, math, etc."

"So seeing a woman talk about science is very refreshing and engaging at the same time."

Netflix says the series will use interactive games, illusions, hidden-camera experiments and magic to explore the universe. It is aimed at children and young adults.

Sahana said her representation was already having an impact.

"Seeing a woman talk to you about science and stuff is very encouraging for young girls and they message me about that."

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