'Disgusting racist' Rod Liddle accused of inciting violence against Muslims in newspaper
By Barfi Culture Team
23rd October 2018

Newspaper columnist Rod Liddle, who has been censured for exaggerating claims about black crime and was once arrested after allegedly punching his pregnant girlfriend, is now accused of inciting violence against British Muslims.

The claims come after his latest column in the Sunday Times, in which he said he didn't mind if Anjem Choudhary or other terrorists blew themselves up: "somewhere a decent distance from where the rest of us live. Tower Hamlets for example."

"Not just call for a suicide bombing there but suggest Tower Hamlets is a place where "the rest of us" don't live? WTF?" - tweeted Al Jazeera columnist Mehdi Hasan.

"Such anti-Muslim bigotry or Islamophobia is unacceptable and needs challenging," wrote the hate-monitoring group Tell MAMA

The Labour MP Anna Turley tweeted: "Enough, @thesundaytimes. You cannot keep the disgusting racist Rod Liddle on your books any longer."

Here is the relevant newspaper column.

The Muslim Council of Britain said in a statement that in the column "he is specifically inciting violence against Muslims" and that they had raised the issue with the newspaper.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Buggs, too released a statement condemning the column yesterday evening.

Rod Liddle's controversial past

In 2010, Rod Liddle blamed black people for "the overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London". When asked by the Press Complaints Commission to justify his claim, he couldn't.

Also in 2010, he admitted to < href="">posting 'racist' messages to a football fans site under a pseudonym.

In 2013, Rod Liddle had to apologise for using the phrase "black savages".

He has also been accused frequently of making bigoted remarks about Muslims in Britain.

The Sunday Times has not yet commented on the matter.

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