Calls for Britain First's Facebook Page to be deleted after its leaders were convicted of hatecrimes
By Barfi Culture Team
9th March 2018

Facebook is being called upon to delete Britain First's Page after its two leaders were convicted of hate-crimes yesterday.

Members of the 'Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred', which is cross-party and independent, say that Twitter has already taken action to prevent the far-right group from spreading its hatred. Now Facebook should do the same they say.

The call is being echoed by Tell MAMA, the London-based NGO that monitors anti-Muslim hatred.

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were convicted of religiously aggravated harassment yesterday, after an incident in which Fransen banged on the windows and doors of a pizza shop in Ramsgate and screamed "paedophile" and "foreigner" at innocent members of the public.

"These defendants were not merely exercising their right to free speech but were instead aiming religiously aggravated abuse at innocent members of the public," the prosecutor told the court.

Fransen was also convicted fore shouting racist abuse through the front door of Tamin Rahmani while his pregnant partner was inside. His wife later miscarried the baby due to stress.

In a statement sent to Barfi Culture today the cross-party Working Group, which advises the government on how to tackle anti-Muslim hatred, say they welcomed the convictions yesterday.

"It was clear to Judge Justin Barron that their actions and behaviour were motivated by their hostility towards Muslims and Islam.

"The convictions and remarks of the judge sends a strong message that extremists who deliberately spread hatred and division will go to jail."

Britain First's Facebook Page reaches two million users and "promotes hatred and suspicion" of Muslims and other minorities, they say.

Signatories from the Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred:
Akeela Ahmed
Iman Abou Atta OBE
Iftikhar Awan
Imran Awan
Qari Muhammad Asim MBE
Hayyan Bhabha
Iqbal Bhana OBE DL
Shermeen Butt
Nick Lowles MBE
Riaz Ravat
Karim Sacoor

Barfi Culture has sent an email to Facebook's media team for comment.

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