NHS doctor Dr Tariq Shafi passes away from Coronavirus

14th May 2020   •   article
by Barfi Culture Team
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Credit: Dr Riyaz Shah
An NHS doctor and consultant described as "one of our best" has passed away from the Coronavirus.

61-year-old Dr Tariq Shafi was a Consultant Haematologist at Dartford and Gravesham hospital. His death adds to a growing list of NHS workers who have died on the frontlines against the pandemic.

His friend Dr Riyaz Shah called him: "A very softly spoken and humble man. We’ve lost one of our best."

"A fallen hero. Stood in harms way to save others. A martyr who died for his adopted country. They say 'Shaheed' in the country of his birth," he said.

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust said in a statement: "With much sadness we confirm the untimely death of our greatly respected and loved colleague, Dr Tariq Shafi."

"Tariq built an amazing team of dedicated clinicians and support workers, placing them and his patients at the heart of everything he did."

Dr Tariq Shafi was the lead consultant for haematology, the branch of medicine concerned with blood diseases, for 13 years at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, according to ITV News.

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