Lilly Singh is taking a break from YouTube to take care of her mental health
By Barfi Culture Team
16th November 2018

After eight years of weekly videos, she is planning to take a break from YouTube, says 'Superwoman' Lilly Singh. And she deserves it.

But in the video she says she needs more than just rest. She needs to look after her mental health too.

"Mental health is important y’all. Loving yourself is a priority. I’m taking a break from YouTube but I promise I’ll be back happier and healthier," she wrote.

"I hope you’ll be here waiting and we can dramatically run into each others arms like a Bollywood movie. I’d like that," she added.

Lilly Singh is one of the highest paid YouTube stars in the world, with 14m subscribers. She was born in Toronto but currently lives and works out of Los Angeles.

She also said she was struggling with burnout after posting nonstop since 2010.

"I'm not making any rules. This might be a one week break, this might be a one month break - I have no idea," she says in the video.

In recent months she's also had a lot of criticism from desis for creating side characters that carried on making fun of Indian accents and culture.

But most comments in response to her video were positive.

Nimrit Randhawa summed up a popular sentiment on YouTube: "Lilly’s been working on her YouTube channel for so long - 8 years - nonstop, without any break. She really deserves this break and we’re all here to support her."

Faheema Patel wrote: "I think its sad that you have to kind of apologise for taking a break, its draining, you get lost in the sea of constantly trying to please and please and then lose yourself. Its like you live for others and making them happy, and not even your own self. Im glad you're taking a break, and if you feel like maybe its time to move on from youtube then thats your choice."

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