Birmingham 2022 campaign for Commonwealth Games to change after criticism it was mostly white
27th July 2020   •   snippet
The Board of Birmingham 2022, which is campaigning for the city to host the Commonwealth Games in two years time, is to be overhauled after criticisms it was far too white.

Its chief executive Ian Reid confirmed that existing Board members would 'step aside' to ensure the leadership better reflected the ethnic diversity of Birmingham.

Criticism of the mostly-white board was led by Ammo Talwar, who organised a letter signed by a range of voices from the city.

According to the Birmingham Mail, out of 13 Board members, all but one is white.

The entire Executive Management Team, led by Mr Reid, was also white.

And of 108 appointments made so far to the Birmingham 2022 team that they had information about the vast majority were white (92).

Ironically, Birmingham is expected to have a majority non-white population by 2022.
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