First ever South Asian Heritage Month launches across Britain with a range of (online) events

17th July 2020   •   article
by Barfi Culture Team
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Credit: SAHM
The first ever South Asian Heritage Month - celebrating the cultures and history of people originally from the sub-continent - launches across Britain today.

It will run from 18th July - 17th August.

The organisers say their aim is to raise the profile of British-South Asian History through education, arts, culture and commemoration.

They also want people to better understand the diversity of present-day Britain, and improve cohesion between the communities.

Online events covering fashion, music, film, the arts, history, literature and music will be held during the month.

Here's what the calendar of events looks like.

The co-organisers, Binita Kane and Jasvir Singh, hope to bring it back every year.

It is being supported by the Mayor of London and Manchester Museum too.

It launched today with this video

You can find out more about the events from: the Manchester Museum website - or their own Twitter account or Instagram page.
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