22nd December 2018   •   opinion
Cooking is a basic life skill - both desi men AND women should learn it

Image: ThePakistaniMarthaStewart
There's a new attitude towards cooking in my generation that I find troublesome. Both in young men and women.

Due to traditional gender roles that have been implicit in our culture, I've seen more and more young women regard themselves as careless towards this basic life skill. As if rebelling it and only going to school / work / etc. is somehow a response to the overbearing patriarchy.

And this includes men, who regard it not as a life skill but a duty of women in their lives.

If you can go to school for higher degrees, work in the lab, work in the clinic, do surgery, do accounting, do research, work in IT, work as a teacher... you can cook.

We claim to be independent and blow off our parent's comments about our ability to feed ourselves "we'll just get take out".

Are you really independent? Have you really become an adult?

Cooking should not be a role reserved for a particular gender, and its importance should also not be ignored. As we move into our careers, start families, get married, move out, get our first apartment or move towards other milestones.

Learn how to cook, it really is a basic life skill we should all learn. Key emphasis on WE as a generation of men and women making strides.

Promote the idea of learning to cook in your own circles, throw a potluck. Have everyone bring a dish they haven't tried before, hold a contest, do more to promote the learning of basic life skills in your circle. There is no excuse.

We all have the time, we just don't want to make it and think we're above it.

Saher explores South Asian woes through a comedic lens. She is on Instagram as @ThePakistaniMarthaStewart and on Etsy as SahersStudio

In the new year, Barfi Culture is launching its own Food section!
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Saher Sohail posts illustrations to ThePakistaniMarthaStewart on Instagram and sells prints through Etsy.com
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