Three girls built this 'desi snow woman' and it broke Canadian internet
By Barfi Culture Team
20th November 2018

When three Punjabi youngsters from Brampton created a 'desi snow woman', they didn't didn't expect it to go completely viral across Canada.

What's even better - they named it 'saddi Juliet' (our Juliet).

"My friend Daljit came from India and it was her first winter here in Brampton," said 19-year-old Jassu Kingra to blogTO. She first posted photos of the creation to her Instagram page over the weekend.

"[Daljit] called me and told me she wanted to build a snowman, and then she asked how to build it and I invited her over to our house."

"And my friend wanted to show her family in India, so we had to make it perfect and show her family that Canada is the best even during the winter!" she told the website.

So the two of them, with help from Jassu's younger sisters Navi and Bini, the teenage girls built a perfect desi snow woman.

"We always see regular snowmen... we wanted to add a traditional touch to it," she said. They added jewellery and lashes to promote their beauty and jewellery Instagram accounts too.

The pictures were posted to Twitter by a friend and soon got over 20,000 retweets! The pictures also went viral on Reddit.

But the girls are planning more surprises. This is apparently just the first phase in their plan and they have more projects up their sleeve.

They just need more snow in Brampton first. This being Canada, that shouldn't be too long. Keep an eye on Jassu's Instagram page.

And if you build your own 'desi snow woman' - let us know!

The Instagram pictures

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