WATCH: British Hindu woman marries Jewish woman in UK's first interfaith lesbian wedding
By Barfi Culture Team
20th August 2017

It is believed to be Britain's first interfaith lesbian wedding, and both the brides were absolutely beaming in their Indian clothes.

Kalavati Mistry from Leicester tied the knot to Miriam Jefferson from Texas, U.S., at a ceremony at Chutney Ivy restaurant on Saturday last week.

The couple had been secretly seeing each other for 20 years after they met at a training course at the age of 26.

But Kalavati in particular had trouble coming out to her strict Gujarati parents and her local community.

She only revealed her sexuality to her parents in recent years.

"They've been very warm welcoming and embracing to Miriam which has been very important," she told Pukaar News.

The couple first had a Jewish wedding in the U.S., and then decided to follow that up with a Hindu wedding in Kalavati's hometown.

But she initially had problems getting a Hindu priest to do the religious ceremony.

"I tried many many priests in Leicester and [they] were warm and welcoming and said they'd like to do this but that their federation won't allow it."

Eventually they found a priest, Chanda Vyas, to do the religious ceremony.

Kalavita said: "Marriage is very important to me. I grew up in a very traditional household, and really value the traditions and the culture."

Both the brides both wore the traditional 'mangala sutra' to show they were now married.

Miriam Jefferson told the BBC: "I got to spend an entire day with somebody I adore and love and want to spend my life with, surrounded by people who I have been close to my entire life and people who have recently embraced me as one of their own, so it's a pretty wonderful way to celebrate."

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