25th November 2020   •   article
After video of Sikh boy being attacked goes viral, police launches hate-crime investigation

by Barfi Culture Team | @barfi_culture.
A police investigation has been launched after a video went viral of a young Sikh child being attacked and bullied by fellow students over his turban.

Charlton school has now promised promised "swift action" over the incident.


The incident of bullying took place on Friday 13th November, involving a number of our students, on their way home from school.

The video, posted to social media last night, shows children attacking a young Sikh child, and then laughing at him as his turban falls off. The video may be distressing to some viewers.

The video went viral on Twitter today and Barfi Culture called the school for comment.

Several people on social media condemned the shocking incident.

Ravi Singh, founder of Khalsa Aid International, tweeted: "This is unacceptable and shocking !! The school (@charlton_school) must take immediate action ! Bullying and racism shouldn’t be tolerated !"


The school has now posted this statement:

"Charlton School is aware of an incident that took place on Friday 13 November involving a number of our students, on their way home from school."

"We have taken swift, immediate and appropriate action, including sanctions and targeted intervention for the perpetrators. A police investigation is ongoing, and we are co-operating fully. Charlton School works hard to provide a safe, nurturing environment where proactive measures are taken to ensure students are protected from any types of bullying."

"Although this incident did not take place during the normal hours of the school day, we have taken full responsibility for working with all students involved, and the wider school community, to prevent any further such incident from occurring. We are in contact with the parents of all those involved, who tell us they are satisfied with the actions we have taken. The school is also working closely with the local Sikh community and it’s leaders at this time."

West Mercia Police also tweeted:

Tan Dhesi, the only turban wearing Member of Parliament, tweeted:

UPDATE from West Mercia police:

Superintendent Jim Baker: "The boys involved in this incident have been identified and our enquiries are continuing. This also includes joint working between our youth offending team and the school to ensure suitable action is taken."

This story will be updated with new developments.
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