Nearly 70% of British Muslims in North East say they face anti-Muslim racism regularly - report
23rd July 2020   •   snippet
A new study by Newcastle and Northumbria universities has found that nearly 70% of Muslims in the North West region have experienced racism and three-quarters think it's getting worse.

Taj Khan, from Tyne and Wear Citizens said:

"I am a woman, a brown woman, a Muslim woman, I suffer misogyny, racial and Islamophobic hate on daily basis. I hate going out to shop because the perpetrators get more sympathy while I as a victim get threatened with security or the police and get forced off the premises."

"The police need witnesses to prove you have been a victim of hate crime and the offender walks away with a smirk. I feel I need to invest in a body camera or never leave my home alone. Something has to change."

Researchers also said the community spirit shown during the Coronavirus crisis could provide a foundation for greater understanding and improved relations.

One example of this, they say, should be a better understanding of the contribution that the Muslim community makes to British society – and this in turn could help tackle Islamophobia.

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