Twitter users falsely claim #BLM protesters trashed Gujarati restaurant in London

15th June 2020   •   article
by Barfi Culture Team
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Credit: Twitter
On Friday evening, a Twitter user calling herself DIXSA made an extraordinary claim that soon went viral.

She tweeted (verbatim): "We Gujarati's are a minority community in the UK, smaller than the black Community. Yet #BlackLivesMatter target Beautiful Meera's village restaurant on Ealing Rd, Wembley London. Keep promoting Black Lives Matters Indians!"

She added in another tweet: "The writing on the wall at Meera's Village restaurant Ealing Road London says "fucking Indian scum" #BlackLivesMatter you are racist bigots! Looting other minorities shows your true colours! No it was not about protesting this was about looting and destruction!"

On Wednesday 10th June, between 2pm and 4:30pm, the restaurant in question was certainly vandalised and damaged.

But the claims in the tweet were almost certainly false. The tweeter later admitted the restaurant was not in Ealing Road, Wembley, but near Queensbury Station in Edgware, London. Moreover, there were no reports of other such racism and damage in London, or at BLM protests.

Now the restaurant itself has released a statement: "There has been various speculations regarding the incident which took place at Meera Village Last week ... There are various rumours stating this is linked to Black Lives Matter however there is no evidence yet to clarify who did this. I urge all to please stop spreading false rumeruous which have no truth behind it."

"It is very upsetting to witness what has happened and passing false information does not help the situation. If anyone did see or hear anything please report it to Wembley police."

Brent police said an investigation was underway as a racially-motivated hate crime. But there was no mention of the BLM protests.

As more people started questioning 'DIXSA' over her claims, she locked her account and changed her Twitter username.

So why would a Twitter user, who mostly focuses on right-wing Indian politics, want to malign the Black Lives Matter protests? And to incite hate between minority communities? That is not yet known.
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