WATCH: Writer Anita Sethi gets racially abused on a train, shows evidence to police
By Barfi Culture Team
19th May 2019

On Friday afternoon, 17th May, writer Anita Sethi was travelling to Newcastle when she had this horrible experience.

She says he continued to abuse her throughout the journey.

She even recorded him saying: "these paki people who come over here on banana boats, strange people".

The racial abuse was witnessed by plenty of others on the train.

She didn't just ignore it. She reported him first to the train manager, who she said was "supportive" and together they called the police.

Other passengers on the train supported her and gave witness statements to the train manager.

The police then met her at Darlington station and told her they had enough evidence to arrest him. She gave a statement to police in Newcastle too.

"Thanks to all my fellow passengers who gave witness statements," she added.

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