A charity helping black and Asian women was bombarded with abuse thanks to Tommy Robinson
By Barfi Culture Team
16th February 2019

A women's charity that encouraged black and Asian women to come forward if they too had faced sexual violence was itself bombarded with racist abuse yesterday, forcing them to call the police.

It happened after the far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who has earlier been convicted for fraud, posted a leaflet of the charity on his Facebook Page.

Rape Crisis Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks already serves white women victims. It had produced a leaflet encouraging more ethnic minority women to come forward too, with a special number with support in Punjabi and Hindi.

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, posted it to his Facebook Page with the caption: "I guess it's ok to rape white women then??!?!?!" - when no one had implied anything of the sort.

Rape Crisis told Bucks Free Press that his post had incited a "significant volume of abusive phone calls, messages and emails, many of which are of an overtly racist nature".

It released a statement saying the charity provided services to women of all ethnicities.

"Rape Crisis recognises that some groups of women who have survived sexual violence and abuse can face additional barriers to accessing services, including related to language and to the fear and/or past or current experience of racism and racial discrimination."

A small number of commenters on Robinson's page got the point.

One wrote: "Good grief, It's an additional phone line. Tommy doesn't seem to understand, or want to understand, that there is a cultural stigma that brings shame on both the victims and their families so they are less likely to report it."

In a separate video revealed last week, Tommy Robinson is seen as describing a taxi driver as a "little paki who drives a car".

He is also seen as boasting that he can score drugs in any part of the world.

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